Identity and general information

uCrowds B.V., registered in Utrecht, with its office in (3526 KS) Utrecht, at Europalaan 400, with postal address Padualaan 8, 3584CH, Utrecht, is a supplier of uCrowds. In this privacy policy you will find further information about the data that uCrowds collects, how it is processed, which and what rights you have as a data subject.

uCrowds collects various (personal) data in order to provide its services. This includes:
  • (Business) Email Address;
  • First and last name;
  • Address of organization;
  • Phone number;
  • Company Name;
  • Payment details;
  • IP address;
  • IP address;
  • Cookies (cf. the cookie policy);
  • Password;
The processing of this data is necessary for the provision of services, namely to:
  • be able to process an application;
  • be able to create a user account at in order to grant access to all products/services provided by uCrowds;
  • personalize our products;
  • keep you informed of changes in services;
  • provide support in case of any problems;

The data will also be used for the analysis of our web pages with google Analytics and to send newsletters (if permission is given). In addition, the data will be used for marketing purposes. A data subject can unsubscribe at any time, after which uCrowds will no longer use the obtained email addresses for marketing purposes.

In addition, uCrowds notes that it provides various (software) packages, for example uCrowds Engine, which in turn come with various Plugins. The software programs exchange data with each other, to further develop the software and to control the distribution of the software.

Processing purpose and basis

uCrowds processes the personal data for the purpose of being able to provide its services to anyone who requests them. In addition, uCrowds processes the personal data for marketing purposes. The basis for processing the personal data is primarily explicit and unambiguous consent of the data subject when visiting the website, making a visit to a location where uCrowds is used, when requesting a quote or entering into an agreement. Under the principle of data minimization, uCrowds processes only that data which is necessary for its processing purpose and any compatible processing purpose.

Retention period

Your personal data will not be kept longer than necessary. The duration depends on the exact purpose for which personal data is kept. In all cases, the personal data will be kept at least for the duration of the customer relationship. If no customer relationship is established or if the customer relationship is terminated, the data will be kept for another two years.

In all cases, a data subject may request the deletion of his/her personal data. See further below under the heading "rights of data subjects". After the expiration of the retention period, the personal data will be destroyed.

Provision to third parties

uCrowds will in principle not provide personal data to third parties, unless you give permission or if the provision of the data is required and/or necessary in the context of a contract or legal obligation. A situation where uCrwds does share personal data with third parties occurs, for example, if the uCrowds software is used in combination with other software.


uCrowds takes appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data is adequately protected, for example by using Amazon Cognito.

Rights of data subjects

Furthermore, as a data subject whose personal data are processed, you have the rights listed below. You can request more information about these rights by always clicking on the subject below. You will then be linked to the website of the Personal Data Authority. You have the following rights:

  • Right of Inspection. This is your right to receive, among other things, a copy of the personal data being processed.
  • Right to be forgotten. You have the right to be "forgotten.”
  • Right to rectification and supplementation. This is the right to have personal data changed.
  • The right to data portability. The right to have personal data transferred to another party.
  • The right to restrict processing. The right to have less data processed.
  • The right regarding automated decision-making and profiling. Or, in other words, the right to a human perspective in decisions.
  • The right to object to data processing.

Effectuate rights

If you wish to exercise your rights, you may contact uCrowds at any time by sending an email with your question/request to:

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