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Payment options

To start using SimCrowds, your organisation first needs to register to create a uCrowds account on this page. Then, the organisation account can be used to add user accounts for individual users with their own login. The organization account will manage any license or credits they have and allocate it to their users. Both the organisation and user accounts can login into SimCrowds and use a license or credits.

You can choose between buying simulation credits or a monthly license.

  • Simulation credits utilize a pay-per-use system that gives you software time on-demand, paying only for the time you use it. After you bought the credits, credits will be subtracted from your balance for every minute of modelling or simulation in SimCrowds.
  • 100 credits is worth 1 hour of using SimCrowds.
  • A monthly license is a subscription system where you pay for an individual month. You can use the software unrestricted in paid months. For more information about this type of payment system and the monthly bundles we offer, please visit our SimCrowds page and contact us via mail so we can discuss the details.

To get started, we would like to offer you an exclusive discount of 97% on the bundle with 500 credits. This will give you 5.0 hours of using SimCrowds for just 1 Euro (excl. tax).

We offer the following bundles (excl tax):

  • 500 credits for €73
  • 2000 credits for €210
  • 10000 credits for €999

After registration you can also login on our online SimCrowds documentation to get an impression of our tool.